Tree Trimming

Trees, like cars require regular maintenance to ensure their aesthetically pleasing looks and good health so they can last. If your trees are taken care of properly, they’ll live longer and remain stronger, so that storms, wind and further growth pose less of a threat. Expert trimming ensures a fuller tree that brings more shade and beauty to your property.

For the best in tree trimming, thinning, shaping and maintenance solutions, McGuires Tree Service, Inc. is here to assist! We offer our services to both residential and commercial properties across Lakeland and surrounding cities.

Tree trimming can have several benefits for not only your trees, but your property, as well. Removing unnecessary limbs (and leaves) allows for more light onto your property while also ensuring the healthy branches gain access to the sun, as well – improving upon the life of your trees significantly. Trimming and thinning is also important when branches impede upon walkways or driveways, thus freeing up space for pedestrians and vehicles. At the same time, removing branches at the top of your trees to avoid obstructions such as roofs or power lines is also important.

If your trees require trimming or thinning, we encourage you to give us a call or contact us via our web form to discuss our services!

McGuires Tree Service, Inc. offers professional tree trimming services to residential and commercial properties across Lakeland, Plant City FL and beyond.


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